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Free Xbox 360 Elite!

Free Shipping!




If you want to learn how to get your free Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite !!

Just take 1 minute and read this. This is very EASY to do! It literally takes 10 minutes to setup. Simply follow the steps below; I promise you, this is 100% real. I wouldn't jeopordize my eBay account status if this was a scam. My feedback is real and I will answer you on any question! Here is what you do. Click on the link below, now register, pick an account type (referral is the easiest) and complete just 1 offer (Very important that you complete the 1 offer otherwise your account will sit in limbo until you do).This is not like other sites where you need to complete one offer on 2 or 3 different pages you just need to do ONE!!! And a lot of these offers are FREE trials with nothing else to buy...No committments like!!!

There are plenty of cool offers to choose from such as Blockbuster online,, Netflix, Gamefly which are services you would regularly sign up for anyway and they're all secure networks, why not use them to get a free Xbox 360 Elite or cash? ( I did the for a 30 day free trial and it didn't cost me a penny, and I received credit for it the same day, but you need to CANCEL it before the 30 day trial is over just call: 1-877-782-6736 and say you want to cancel your free 30 day trial). After signing up and completing your ONE offer, simply refer 10-13 people (depending on the FREE prize you choose) to do the same under your link (just post the same thing as I have on eBay, and you'll get your referrals before the auction even ends.)

Then they will ship your 360 Elite or your selected item for free, I chose the Xbox 360 Elite System. No Joke, 100% REAL!!! The reason these companies make money, is because most people don't bother getting all the referrals. All you have to do is post it on EBAY! They use us as advertisment by word of mouth which saves them tons of money which goes toward yours and my free gift. These are legit companies such as Blockbuster, Netflix, Gamefly etc... You can copy my listing if you want. You must use your own authentic link though. You will get your own personal link after your order is placed.

Step 1: Click on this link:

Step 2: Sign up and chose an account type (referral is the easiest and best).

Step 3: Complete just ONE offer (like Blockbuster or and refer up to 10-13 people to do the same (eBay! Do what I did, copy my add).

Step 4: Receive your 360 Elite for FREE!!! (Even The Shipping Is Free !!!)

If you have any questions feel free to message me!!! I'll Respond ASAP!!!

Please take advantage of this offer!!!

For proof that this is for real, check out this site:

If you have any questions feel free to message me at and i will respond ASAP

Please Take advantage of this offer!!!